Vivid Memoir Writing Workshop




Larry J. Dunlap presents a Workshop/Presentation on how to turn Life-changing Events into story and how to make them as readable as fiction. Includes demonstration of structure and the use of the techniques and elements of writing fiction authors use.

At Ovitt Community Library in Ontario, CA
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2 thoughts on “Vivid Memoir Writing Workshop”

  1. “The featured speaker at the Library, Larry Dunlap, earlier this month [April], provided some valuable information about writing from personal experience. His talk “Vivid Writing” was much appreciated by all who attended.”

    – Janis Young
    Senior Librarian
    Ovitt Family Community Library

  2. Sorry this is posted so late, but better late than never applies, I guess.

    Thank you very much, Janis. It was such a pleasure working with you there.


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